Walk Through a Lava Tube

Essential MauiMaui

Wannabe spelunkers, take note: Hawai‘i is one of the world’s best places for

, and Hāna boasts the largest one on Maui. Even better, you don’t even have to break any laws to get there — instead,

off ers an aff ordable

complete with a fl ashlight and pitch-black cave. Walking the winding trails of this ancient subterranean river of lava is fun, safe and easy. Liquid rock, oozing under cooled surface fl ows, created these


, which in turn cooled into a myriad of beautiful


While there, visitors who have a little spare time or are afraid of the dark also can check out

which also is on the property. Hāna Lava Tube, located at 205 ‘Ula‘ino Road in Hāna, off ers self-guided tours. Visit mauicave.com. HA¯NA LAVA TUBE 808-248-7308

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