Explore An Ahupua‘a

Beyond the CityKauai

In old Hawai‘i, the land was divided into separate moku , or districts. These land divisions were further subdivided into smaller sections, called ahupua‘a , which generally flowed from mountain to sea and dictated how the land was managed. Each section had its own name and fixed boundary lines. WAIPĀ is an ahupua‘a that’s managed by WAIPĀ FOUNDATION . This living learning center located on Kaua‘i’s North Shore offers hands-on experiences, opportunities to explore the valley and even food tasting tours.

Tours include the ‘ ĀINA ULUWEHI guided hiking tour that takes participants through farmlands, showcasing the valley’s plants, creatures as well as the history and cultural practices of the area. The ‘ ĀINA MOMONA food tour features tastings and highlights multiple ecosystems.

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