Spend an Evening with the Stars

KauaiUp in The Air

Kaua‘i is a good place to OBSERVE THE STARS . The night skies are particularly dark, with limited interference from high-voltage lights. In celebration of the rare, out-of-this-world view, stargazers assemble once a month at sunset on KAUMAKANI SOFTBALL FIELD to take in the celestial show. Kaumakani, a tiny plantation town on the west side of the island, is easy to miss without directions. It’s located on Kaumuali‘i Highway, heading west past HANAPĒPĒ . To get to the stargazing site, watch for THRIFTY MART on the left, veer right at the sign for Kaumakani, and then take a right to the softball field.

Monthly stargazing events for science and astronomy are sponsored by KAUA‘I EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION . Call 808-332-7827, or visit keasa.org for exact dates.

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