Slurp Shave Ice

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The coldest, sweetest treat you can fi nd on Kaua‘i has to be SHAVE ICE . Hawaiian shave ice is a lot fi ner than the snow cones found on the mainland, and it’s a tradition for Hawai‘i residents.

Shave ice is not crushed; instead, it’s shaved from a large ice block that is rotated on a fl at plate over a very sharp blade. This ice is then packed high and drenched with your choice of syrup in a rainbow of fl avors. Choose from traditional fl avors like cherry and lime, or go for a Hawai‘i infl uence with tropical fl avors like mango, coconut, passion fruit and pineapple. For the ultimate experience, order a rainbow with ice cream underneath and a snowcap of sweetened condensed milk on top. Other local favorites include azuki beans and li hing mui fl avor. The combinations are endless.

KŌLOA MILL ICE CREAM & COFFEE off ers shave ice in three diff erent sizes and has more than 20 fl avors to choose from. That’s not to say an ice cream cone from Kōloa Mill Ice Cream & Coff ee isn’t a cool treat (they scoop up decadent ROSELANI TROPICS ICE CREAM , a favorite from Maui), but this family- run shop makes the overall shave ice experience fun with generous portions personalized to your tastes, served up with a smile.

Other options include JOJO’S SHAVE ICE & TREATS in Waimea, HEE FAT GENERAL STORE and ONO ONO SHAVE ICE in Kapa‘a, UNCLE’S SHAVE ICE & SMOOTHIES in Kōloa and the CAFÉ AT ANAINA HOU COMMUNITY PARK in Kīlauea, but you’ll fi nd the frozen treat throughout the island. KO¯LOA MILL ICE CREAM & COFFEE 808-742-6544