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The coldest, sweetest treat you can find on Kaua‘i has to be SHAVE ICE . Hawaiian shave ice is a lot finer than the snow cones found on the mainland, and it’s a tradition for Hawai‘i residents.

Shave ice is not crushed; instead, it’s shaved from a large ice block that is rotated on a flat plate over a very sharp blade. This ice is then packed high and drenched with your choice of syrup in a rainbow of flavors. Choose from traditional flavors like cherry and lime, or go for a Hawai‘i influence with tropical flavors like mango, coconut, passion fruit and pineapple. For the ultimate experience, order a rainbow with ice cream underneath and a snowcap of sweetened condensed milk on top. Other local favorites include azuki beans and li hing mui flavor. The combinations are endless.

KŌLOA MILL ICE CREAM & COFFEE offers shave ice in three difirent sizes and has more than 20 flavors to choose from. That’s not to say an ice cream cone from Kōloa Mill Ice Cream & coffee isn’t a cool treat (they scoop up decadent ROSELANI TROPICS ICE CREAM , a favorite from Maui), but this family- run shop makes the overall shave ice experience fun with generous portions personalized to your tastes, served up with a smile.

Other options include JOJO’S SHAVE ICE & TREATS in Waimea; HEE FAT GENERAL STORE and ONO ONO SHAVE ICE in Kapa‘a; UNCLE’S SHAVE ICE & SMOOTHIES in Kōloa; and the CAFÉ AT ANAINA HOU COMMUNITY PARK in Kīlauea, but you’ll find the frozen treat throughout the island. KO¯LOA MILL ICE CREAM & COFFEE 808-742-6544

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