Golf Central and South Maui

Land DiversionsMaui

From private clubs to municipal courses, central and south Maui have a range of golf options.

Enjoy a nine-hole course at one of the only private clubs on the island. 808-877-7893 PAR 72; 6,621 YARDS

Test your golf skills with this respected course etched between the Maui mountains and volcanoes. 808-249-0033 PAR 72; 6,110 YARDS

A fantastic combination of fairness and challenge makes this course entertaining for golfers of all skill levels. 808-874-0777 PAR 71; 6,801 YARDS

Head over to Wailea Blue Course for a classic round of golf in paradise. 808-879-2530 PAR 72; 6,400 YARDS

Generous layouts and clear ocean views make this course a coveted destination for all. 808-875-7450 888-328-MAUI (6284) PAR 72; 6,825 YARDS

This supreme course boasts a world- class design, challenging golfers from around the world. 808-875-7450 888-328-MAUI (6284) PAR 72; 6,175 YARDS

The 18-hole course overlooks the stunning blue sea, Waihe‘e Reef and white sand beaches. 808-243-7400 PAR 71; 6,330 YARDS

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