Get Schooled on Maui Coffee

A Little Bit of HistoryMaui

Once you’re hooked on COFFEE GROWN IN HAWAI‘I, it’s hard to live without it. There are residents who never leave the island without a bag or two tucked in their luggage.

Not a lot of coff ee is grown on Maui; Hawai‘i Island, home of KONA COFFEE , claims the bulk of Hawai‘i’s coff ee growers. But if you watch for the label MAUIGROWN COFFEE, you can count on Maui beans.

MauiGrown Coff ee is grown on KĀ‘ANAPALI ESTATE, a 500- acre plantation in the West Maui Mountains. Its trees yield several varieties of ARABICA COFFEE. Visit mauigrowncoff for more information. MAUIGROWN COFFEE S 808-661-2728

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