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A Little Bit of HistoryMaui

Hawai‘i’s missionary era is highlighted at the HALE HŌ‘IKE‘IKE museum in Wailuku. The house was constructed from limestone coral on land given to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in 1832 by Governor Hoapili and King Kamehameha III. One of the fi rst Western-style houses in WAILUKU , it fi rst served as the Central Maui Mission Station, then as a boarding school for girls called the Wailuku Female Seminary, and fi nally, as the personal home of Edward and Caroline Bailey.

The museum houses an incredible collection, including a wooden statue of HAWAIIAN DEMIGOD KAMAPUA‘A (which is the only statue to have survived King Kamehameha II’s 1819 purge of indigenous religious representations), DUKE KAHANAMOKU’S 1919 REDWOOD SURFBOARD and one of the last koa A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY

made in Hawai‘i. The museum also is host to MONTHLY PUBLIC EVENTS . For more information, call 808-244-3326, or visit mauimuseum.org.

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