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Hawai‘i is a great place for all sorts of people, including those with a sweet tooth. With a multicultural history and population to pull from, SWEET OFFERINGS of the islands vary from well-known options like SHAVE ICE to treats like crispy manju. If you’re looking for something a little more fun than a keychain to take home to friends, consider packing up one of these treats:

GURI GURI: This popular icy treat is akin to a slushier, sweeter version of shaved ice. It is so good that people have even been known to pack it on ice and successfully fly it back home with them for friends on the mainland. Try it for yourself at TASAKA GURI GURI SHOP at the Maui Mall in Kahului, (808) 871-4513.

CRISPY MANJU: Almost like a miniature pie, HOME MAID BAKERY‘s crispy manju is a flaky crust wrapped around an island-style variety of fillings, from Okinawan sweet potato to azuki bean (a sweet red bean paste). Located in Wailuku (1005 Lower Main St., 808-224-7015) and at the Kahului Industrial Park (Dairy Center, 395 Dairy Road, 808-877-8779).

PASTRIES, MALASADAS AND MOLOKA‘I SWEET BREAD: One of Maui’s most popular places for pastries is the KOMODA STORE AND BAKERY, which includes giant cream puffs and tasty malasadas (a type of Portuguese treat similar to a donut). You can also try great malasadas at HOME MAID BAKERY. And if you’re hopping over to Moloka‘i, sample some of the famous Moloka‘i bread, along with other tasty baked goods, at KANEMITSU’S BAKERY. Komoda Store and Bakery is located at 3674 Baldwin Ave. in Makawao, (808) 572-7261; Kanemitsu’s Bakery is located at 79 Ala Malama Ave., Kaunakakai, (808) 553-5855.

FROZEN GOODNESS: Ice cream is the go-to treat for hot, humid days. Find ICE CREAM SHOPS around the island, or go for a richer taste with GELATO. The FRO-YO craze that swept the mainland is in full swing here in Hawai‘i, as evidenced by places like TUTTI FRUTTI FROZEN YOGURT. Try ISLAND-INSPIRED FLAVORS such as Taro, Hawaiian Sunset and Passion Fruit topped with coconut, papaya and li hing (dried sweet plum) powder.

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