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Beyond the CityMaui

Discovering what Maui is all about often means putting on your hiking boots and getting up close and personal with the island’s birds, plants, mud, rocks, trees, streams and waterfalls. Why not see the best of the island with an educated guide who can enlighten you on the mysteries and magic of the island of Maui?

HIKE MAUI (hikemaui.com) and numerous other Hawai‘i adventure tours have been guiding travelers on wilderness excursions for many years. Garnering National Geographic – recognized tours, Hike Maui off ers a variety of HIKING AND ADVENTURE TOURS, including jaunts to hidden waterfalls, secluded rainforests and sites like Haleakalā. Trained naturalists, each of whom is knowledgeable about Hawai‘i’s ecosystem, orchestrate all hikes.

For another provider, SOUTH PACIFIC KAYAKS off ers guided kayak trips and hiking excursions around the island. Destinations include Maui’s remote wilderness, a gushing waterfall, a historic bamboo forest and serene enclaves.

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