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Located in the heart of Waikiki lies an award-winning urban jungle inhabited by more than 1,200 mammals, birds and reptiles.

HONOLULU ZOO is the only zoo in the United States that originated in a king’s grant when, in 1876, King David Kalakaua made lands of the Le‘ahi Crown Holdings available “to the people of Hawai‘i.”

Today, the zoo remains a place of natural beauty and is home to wildlife that includes Asian elephants, hippopotamuses, ring- tailed lemurs, Galapagos tortoise, Komodo dragons and native species of birds and plants, including the Hawaiian hawk and nene (Hawaiian goose).

Among the zoo’s newest attractions is the Ectotherm Complex. Here, you’ll find a Burmese python, elongated tortoises and a giant African snail. In recent years, the zoo has welcomed three male Sumatran tiger cubs, the first births at the zoo since 1981. You’ll also find an orangutan named Violet. She’s a San Diego Zoo transplant who has made herself right at home thanks to Rusti, her mate. The zoo’s newest residents are four female African penguins who were introduced to the male flock in July.

Many of the animals in this 42-acre zoo are housed in open-air enclosures. In the 12-acre AFRICAN SAVANA , which resembles the natural habitat, animals roam freely behind disguised barriers. Look for giraffes, plains zebras, cheetahs, lions and rhinoceros (both white and black).

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