Spend a Day at the Zoo

OahuWaikiki Finds

Located in the heart of Waikīkī lies an award-winning urban jungle inhabited by more than 1,200 mammals, birds and reptiles.

the people of Hawai‘i.”

Today, the zoo remains a place of natural beauty and is home to wildlife that includes Asian elephants, hippopotamuses, ring- tailed lemurs, Galápagos tortoises, Komodo dragons and native species of birds and plants, including the Hawaiian hawk and nēnē (Hawaiian goose).

Among the zoo’s attractions is the ECOTHERM COMPLEX . Here, you’ll find a Burmese python, elongated tortoises and a giant African snail. In recent years, the zoo has welcomed three male Sumatran tiger cubs, the fidrst births at the zoo since 1981.

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