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paddling originated in Waikīkī about 60 years ago, when beach boy surfidng was commonly used to get past the occasional flat-surf day. With the help of a lightweight paddle and an extra- wide, surfb oard — and maybe just a little bit of balance — this activity is easier than surfidng, and a lot of fun.

WAIKĪKĪ BEACH SERVICES continues that Waikīkī tradition, in the shadow of Diamond Head. Just like those beach boys of old, they assist anyone with their SUP adventure, whether they’re a newbie or experienced paddler. Private and group classes are available.

SUP also is popular on Kailua Bay, where you’ll find SUP rentals at TWOGOOD KAYAKS (twogoodkayaks. com). The store rents equipment, and also offers lessons. TWOGOOD KAYAKS 808-262-5656

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