101 Things To Do in Hawai‘i

  • Downtown Honolulu on O‘ahu
  • The silhouette of a hula dancer
  • Waimea Canyon on Kaua‘i
  • The world famous Waikiki Beach on O‘ahu
  • The Seven Sacred Pools on Maui
  • Lava flowing from the Big Island of Hawai‘i's living volcano


See 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu »
Stroll along Waikiki, visit Pearl Harbor, and so much more


See 101 Things To Do on Maui »
Drive down the scenic road to Hana


See 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i »
Explore the vast wilderness, visit famous film locations

Big Island of Hawai‘i

See 101 Things To Do on the Big Island »
Visit a living volcano, taste Hawai‘i's famous Kona coffee

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Trek to a Star Party

On the Big Island

You won’t find celebrities at a Hawai‘i Island “STAR PARTY,” but having the Southern Cross, Jupiter, Saturn and the Great Andromeda Galaxy at your fingertips draws awe just as well. A regular feature of the ONIZUKA CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMY VISITOR INFORMATION STATION, the stargazing program is held every evening from 6 10 p.m. It… Continue »

Discover an Ancient Eco-Wonder

On the island of Kaua‘i

The MENEHUNE FISHPOND or is located along the Hule‘ia Stream about a half-mile inland from Nawiliwili Harbor. Said to have been BUILT 500 YEARS AGO by a crew of little people called menehune, the oval-shaped pond, as lore has it, surfaced after one night of hard labor. In more-recent Hawaiian history, the ancient construction was… Continue »

Get Hooked on Scrapbooking

On the island of Maui

What do you do when your husband has headed off to his third tee time in three days? That’s easy. Pack up your Maui photos and go SCRAPBOOKING. ISLAND PAPERIE is a local company that offers the world’s largest selection of Hawai‘i-designed scrappin’ goods. In fact, the company produces more than 3,000 of its own… Continue »

Go Fly a Kiteboard

On the island of O‘ahu

KITEBOARDING is a relatively new and rapidly growing water sport. Like windsurfing, it’s an extreme sport that requires wind, guts, the right equipment and a lot of practice. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s possible for an experienced boarder to take a flying leap off flat water and soar 40 feet in… Continue »

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