101 Things To Do in Hawai‘i

  • Downtown Honolulu on O‘ahu
  • The silhouette of a hula dancer
  • Waimea Canyon on Kaua‘i
  • The world famous Waikiki Beach on O‘ahu
  • The Seven Sacred Pools on Maui
  • Lava flowing from the Big Island of Hawai‘i's living volcano


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Stroll along Waikiki, visit Pearl Harbor, and so much more


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Drive down the scenic road to Hana


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Explore the vast wilderness, visit famous film locations

Big Island of Hawai‘i

See 101 Things To Do on the Big Island »
Visit a living volcano, taste Hawai‘i's famous Kona coffee

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Explore the Local Foodie Scene

On the Big Island

One of the best ways to get acquainted with a new location is through its food, and Hawai‘i’s unique, multi-ethnic culinary scene is a perfect reflection of the melting pot of cultures that call these islands home. To get a taste of what the locals are cooking up, check out the following food festivals: •… Continue »

Ride the Sugar Train

On the island of Kaua‘i

This land tour draws its inspiration from Kaua‘i’s colorful sugar era, when trains moved produce and all shared the fruits of the orchard. A ride on a refurbished plantation train delivers passengers to a lovely rainforest walk, followed by a picnic lunch and a romp through the orchard. The KAUA‘I PLANTATION RAILWAY is an authentic… Continue »

Get Hooked on Scrapbooking

On the island of Maui

What do you do when your husband has headed off to his third tee time in three days? That’s easy. Pack up your Maui photos and go scrapbooking. Island Paperie is a local company that offers the world’s largest selection of Hawai‘i-designed scrappin’ goods. In fact, the company produces more than 3,000 of its own… Continue »

Go Underwater Without Getting Wet

On the island of O‘ahu

A vast Technicolor wonderland waits in the coral reefs below the surface of the Pacific. This is the kingdom of sea creatures, reefs and underwater gardens, a subterranean view available to snorkelers and divers who have no qualms about traveling underwater. However, if you really don’t want to get wet, don’t sweat it. There are… Continue »

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