101 Things To Do in Hawai‘i

  • Downtown Honolulu on O‘ahu
  • The silhouette of a hula dancer
  • Waimea Canyon on Kaua‘i
  • The world famous Waikiki Beach on O‘ahu
  • The Seven Sacred Pools on Maui
  • Lava flowing from the Big Island of Hawai‘i's living volcano


See 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu »
Stroll along Waikiki, visit Pearl Harbor, and so much more


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Drive down the scenic road to Hana


See 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i »
Explore the vast wilderness, visit famous film locations

Big Island of Hawai‘i

See 101 Things To Do on the Big Island »
Visit a living volcano, taste Hawai‘i's famous Kona coffee

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Paddle to the Capt. Cook Monument

On the Big Island

British CAPTAIN JAMES COOK, thought to be the first Westerner to set sight on the Hawaiian Islands, spotted the islands of O‘ahu and Kaua‘i on January 18, 1778. Almost a year later, on January 17, 1779, the explorer found his way to Hawai‘i Island. He anchored his ships in KEALAKEKUA BAY, where the annual MAKAHIKI… Continue »

Laze at Hanalei Bay

On the island of Kaua‘i

HANALEI BAY is the largest bay on the NORTH SHORE, backed by steep cliffs and fronted by a 2-mile curve of white sand beach, an inviting stretch of water and a view of Makana Mountain, also known as BALI HAI. During the summer, the calm waters are ideal for stand-up paddling and swimming. Depending on… Continue »

Go to a Lu‘au

On the island of Maui

With food in abundance and festivities in full swing, a LU‘AU is a fun way to experience Maui’s culture of camaraderie. Loosely translated, a lu‘au is a big HAWAIIAN FEAST. At the heart of this gathering is the ceremonial kalua (roast) pig. In an age-old island technique, a whole pig is buried in an imu… Continue »

Visit an Aquarium by a Reef

On the island of O‘ahu

A visit to the WAIKIKI AQUARIUM is the ultimate dry-snorkeling experience. Located next to a living reef across from KAPI‘OLANI PARK, the aquarium houses a lot more than reef fish— some 500 species of marine life, as well as a coral farm, also reside here. Check out the pulsating sea jellies that are so clear,… Continue »

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