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Helicopters aren’t the only birds that tour the island. Try a FIXED-WING FLIGHT for longer travel time. Unlike most helicopter tours that cut across the saddle of the island to KNOW YOUR VOLCANOES PHO TO: HA W AI‘I T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A) / HEA THER GOODMAN | L OCA TION: PU‘U ‘O ¯ ‘O¯ , PUNA 38 101 things to do |

PHO TO: GETT Y IMA GES get to the volcano, a fixed-wing plane has enough fuel to COVER ALL 266 MILES OF COASTLINE, including the often-ignored southern end of the island.

Tours are conducted in planes with various seating capacities, but all seats have a window, including the seat next to the pilot.

KĪLAUEA VOLCANO is a popular destination, but there are other tours to choose from.

In addition to their regular air tours, charter plane companies also offer additional services, including CUSTOM AIR TOURS.

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