Eat Lunch, Hawai‘i Style

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The PLATE LUNCH is a quintessential part of Hawaiian cuisine. Two parts rice, one part macaroni salad and one part meat, these large meals cover the basics and sometimes, even all three daily meals. Even better, their prices rival those of any typical fast-food joint found in Hawai‘i. Just pick up a plate lunch, plop down on a beach, and enjoy what life has dished up.

Some typical and authentic Hawaiian plate lunches are: LOCO MOCO, a hamburger steak served over rice and topped with an egg and gravy; KĀLUA PORK, traditionally prepared pork that has been slow-cooked in an imu and served with cabbage; and CHICKEN KATSU, which is a Japanese-style chicken cutlet.

Plate lunches can be found at lunch wagons, drive-ins and small markets around the island. KEOKI’S ROADSIDE CAFÉ 808-328-9000

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