Inspired by Eddie Vedder’s

? Think you could be the next Jake Shimabukuro? Or just want to be able to strum along to songs PHO TO: HA W AII T OURISM A UTHORIT Y (HT A) / T OR JOHNS ON | L OCA TION: K OHAL A C OAS T ABSORB THE SPIRIT OF HULA 36 101 things to do |

by Jack Johnson or

by Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole? Check out MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SHOPS in Hilo or Kailua-Kona to try strumming the instrument’s four strings yourself. You may even buy your own ‘uke to take home with you.

As for the history of the ‘UKULELE (pronounced “oo-koo-leh-leh,” not “you-ka-le-lee”), it arrived in Hawai‘i with Portuguese immigrants in the late 1800s along with malasadas and sweet bread. Since then, the

has been a key part of

(backyard jam sessions) and popular Hawaiian tunes.

Buy one for yourself, and learn all about the different sizes, styles and woods at KIERNAN MUSIC in old- town Kainaliu. Here you can talk to EXPERT LUTHIERS about repairs and materials, while browsing the CUSTOM-MADE ‘UKULELE-AND-GUITAR SHOP. They carry a full range of new, used and vintage instruments for beginners and expert players alike, and offer a variety of learn-to-play books and DVDs, as well as referrals to local instructors for short VISITOR LESSON PROGRAMS. KIERNAN MUSIC 808-322-4939

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