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Stop for a cup of coffee and a chat at UESHIMA COFFEE (UCC HAWAI‘I) , a picturesque coffee estate just north of Hōlualoa Village. The 26-acre hillside property is crowned with a grand view of Kailua-Kona and the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

Experience the centuries-old art of coffee roasting with the company’s signature ROASTMASTER TOUR, during which you can roast your own PRIVATE KONA COFFEE RESERVE complete with your very own picture label on it.

Ueshima coffee also offers FREE FARM TOURS and HOT, “CRACK-U-LATED” KONA COFFEE to visitors who stop at the roadside store near the entry to the property. “Crack-u-lated” Kona coffee? Yes, that is UCC Hawai‘i’s boutique grinding process with its special machine that brings out the finer tastes and aromas of Kona coffee.

While you’re on a caffeine kick, make a stop at MOUNTAIN THUNDER COFFEE PLANTATION in Kailua-Kona. Learn more at UESHIMA COFFEE (UCC HAWAI‘I) 808-322-3789

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