Traverse the rugged backcountry of North Kohala. This landscape, dense with forests and marked by steep valleys, has served as both refuges and battleground. Powerful chiefs who had sought control of the island for centuries often tracked rebels to this area’s terrain. KOHALA UTV ADVENTURE (kohalautv. com) off ers guests a rare glimpse into this pristine landscape, providing a ride back in history fi lled with the legends and stories of the area. The adventure is a guided UTV (utility task vehicle) tour along the rim of the northern-most of Kohala’s seven valleys, the Valley of the Long Spear, Pololū. Guests will see the breadth of this valley when they board the fi ve-seater UTV and travel to the sea, along the pastures of a working cattle ranch and back toward the mountains where cool mists, verdant forests and rushing streams await. KOHALA UTV ADVENTURE 808-933-HAWI (4294) OR 844-933-HAWI (4294)

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