Hire a Driver for the Jaunt to Hana

Beyond the CityMaui

there. You can spend a few bucks and take a private tour.

Some companies go to Hāna and points beyond, then return the way they came via Hāna Highway. Others go full circle, returning to civilization around the backside.

The Road to Hāna: 52 miles, 617 curves and 54 bridges. Navigating and showing off the wondrous sights along the road to Hana is also something POLYNESIAN ADVENTURE TOURS specializes in. Ride in air-conditioned comfort of their luxury mini-coaches with large viewing windows, which allow you to enjoy roadside scenery: waterfalls, rainforests and roadside fruit stands. For more suggestions consult with your concierge and the locals. POLYNESIAN ADVENTURE TOURS 808-833-3000 OR 800-622-3011

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