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Looking for an off -the-grid adventure? Seek out a waterfall.

Easily accessible by car or public transportation from Waikīkī, MĀNOA FALLS can be found at the end of a 0.8-mile trail that gradually ascends through a lush rainforest. The trail to the falls can be completed in 30-40 minutes, making a Mānoa Falls side trip a quick escape from the concrete jungle into the silence of the rainforest.

While hikers can get to Mānoa Falls on their own, going with a guided tour makes the experience that much more convenient — and fun.

On its Mānoa Waterfall Adventure, O‘AHU NATURE TOURS’ knowledgeable guides lead groups through the lush rainforest trail to the picture-perfect waterfall, pointing out hidden gems and offering pieces of history along way. The eco-tour outfidtter also has an enchanting ULTIMATE CIRCLE ISLAND WITH WAIMEA WATERFALL TOUR that explores the beautiful Waimea Valley and its world-renowned waterfall before continuing on a journey along the North Shore and Windward coast.

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