Soar on a Parasail, Roar on a Jet Ski

OahuSea Adventures

Whether you’re harnessed to a parasail high above the ocean or steering a JET SKI across the water’s surface, you’ll probably be wearing a grin. These watersports are fun for everyone.

If you’ve never piloted a Jet Ski, instructors will help you get the hang of it. Propelled by a jet of water, Jet Skiing is a fun activity for the entire family. Jet Skis travel about 40 mph, and some models seat up to three (two adults and a child).

Parasailing is a quick and quiet thrill. Once you’re up there, it’s easy to forget you’re being towed by a boat and floating somewhere between 300 and 800 feet above the ocean. High-tech winch boats provide dry takeoff s and landings. All operators on O‘ahu use harnesses, which are comfortable, flexible and allow for better views. The ride is designed for just about everyone, and most operators can take up two people at the same time.

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