Taste the Rainbow State

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O‘ahu has seen a surge in OPEN-AIR MARKETS in recent years, with new locations cropping up nearly every weekend.

The trend toward sustainability and living off the ‘aina (land) isn’t new-Native Hawaiians developed a system of land management known as an ahupua‘a where an entire village utilized resources found from mauka (the mountains) to makai (the ocean).

Today, more people are returning to this way of life, and FARMERS’ MARKETS are the place to find fresh, homegrown produce and handmade crafts at bargain prices. Think locally grown food, like Kahuku corn, Manoa honey and Waimanalo greens. There are also plenty of ready-made treats to munch on as you roam from booth to booth-think liliko’i mochi, Waialua chocolate, gourmet plate lunches and even HAWAI’I REGIONAL CUISINE. Some markets even provide live entertainment and demos!

All farmers’ markets sell out fast, so plan to arrive early. To save time and to avoid hassles, bring your own bags and plenty of $1 bills.