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There are places on this island that can only be described as breathtaking. It follows, then, that a camera is essential. But if you’re like many visitors, the image you capture too often fails to reflect the glorious view you remember.

There’s a remedy for this: Take a PHOTO TOUR with a guide who knows all the best locations.

Kaua‘i photographer Vincent Tylor, who runs KAUA‘I PHOTO TOURS, has designed several tours that focus on the island’s most-beautiful photographic settings. His “DRIVE AND WALK TOUR” is relaxing and less vigorous, while the “DRIVE AND HIKING” TOURS are more physically demanding and provide the opportunity to shoot in more-secluded locations.

Looking for something a little different? Kauai Photo Tours also does PRIVATE, CUSTOMIZED TOURS for enthusiastic shutterbugs, as well as digital camera rentals with polarized and zoom lenses for land and seascapes.

You’ll be happy to read that the Garden Isle is blooming with talented photographers who specialize in FAMILY PORTRAIT, WEDDING and SCENIC PHOTOGRAPHY. Exemplary providers to get you started include ISLAND ECHOES (, GARDEN ISLAND PHOTOGRAPHY (, DIANNE REYNOLDS PHOTOGRAPHY ( and PACIFIC DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY (

Consult with individual providers to help capture your perfect keepsake.

Kaua’i Photo Tours (808) 823-1263

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