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Shave Ice snow cone. Debates rage over which shack, shop or stand has the most finely shaven ice or perfectly crafted syrup. From

(coconut) to

(a salty, dried plum) to strawberry, shave ice flavors can be selected to fit anyone’s taste buds, making this icy treat the perfect ending to a sunny day at the beach.

On top of all of the delicious flavors available, local shave ice is often accompanied by


. To

add all three. One thing you’ll notice when you head to a shave ice spot is that there’s usually a very specific way of ordering (look up at the menu for the instructions). That’s very much how it is at

: choose your size, then let them know if you want ice cream at the bottom (here’s a hint: you do!), choose your flavors (up to three) and lastly, let them know what topping you’d like.

That process is similar to other places, but there are many ways Breakwall Shave Ice Co. stands apart from your typical shave ice stand. They have a wide array of flavors from the traditional (strawberry, pineapple, blue vanilla) to the intriguing (Hello Kitty, Incredible Hulk, Tigers Blood). They also offer natural flavors such as guava strawberry, passion orange guava and dragon fruit. However, those 21 and over will want to “make it tipsy.” Breakwall Shave Ice Co. is the home of the original ADULT SHAVE ICE — choose from one of the listed “Icy Cocktails,” like piña colada or mudslide; or you can create your own by combining your favorite liquor and flavors.

Despite its name, Breakwall Shave Ice Co. is much more than just shave ice. The eatery offers açai and pitaya bowls, fresh-squeezed juices, cold brew coffee, Roselani’s ice cream and smoothies as well. And, if you’re dining at its sister restaurant,

keiki get a free shave ice with the purchase of a kid’s meal. BREAKWALL SHAVE ICE CO. 808-661-4900

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