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Foodies in the know oftentimes skip the lū‘au buffet tables in favor of the culturally diverse feast the islands have to offer, from fresh sushi and sashimi to tasty malasadas and cream puff s. One of the most interesting gastronomical finds is the prevalence of the canned meat Spam, which Hawai‘i residents consume the most of per capita in the United States. In fact, there’s a whole festival, SPAM JAM, based on everything Spam.

If FRESH FISH AND POKE make your mouth water, visit UNCLE’S FISH MARKET & GRILL for the perfect lunch/ dinner spot and enjoy a seafood meal set right on the pier!

A PLATE LUNCH is a must when you’re here in Hawai‘i, and RAINBOW DRIVE-IN (a “Hawai‘i’s Best” award- winner) offers up some classics. Get a loco moco with a slush float!

Sweet and airy, MALASADAS were introduced to Hawai‘i by the Portuguese in the late 1800s and today remain a treat beloved by all. These pastries resemble a holeless doughnut and are typically coated in sugar. Some are even fidlled with cream or other tasty fidllings. One of the best places on O‘ahu to pick up a dozen is LEONARD’S BAKERY (933 Kapahulu Ave.). Or swing by LILIHA BAKERY (515 N. Kuakini St., 580 N. Nimitz Hwy. or Macy’s Ala Moana Center) for another delectable island creation — a chocolate-fidlled cream puff affectionately known as the “coco puff .” Liliha Bakery has also opened at International Market Place in Waikīkī.

Substitute it for rice, and you may never turn back.

There’s even a local children’s book, Little Malia’s Big Poi Idea by Jocelyn Calma, in which a little girl decides all she wants to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is poi.

If, like little Malia, you find yourself craving nothing but this purple treat, get some (along with an array of ‘ono Hawaiian food) at WAIĀHOLE POI FACTORY (48-140 Kamehameha Hwy.)

Other options include taro rolls (available at most nearby supermarkets), taro frozen yogurt at a number of fro-yo shops, or the ultimate poi-experience: POI MOCHI . You’ll read more about the unique Hawaiian treat SHAVE ICE shortly, but keep your eye out for BUBBIES MOCHI ICE CREAM. These treats can be found in the frozen treat section of most grocery stores. Other Hawai‘i ice cream treats that are available islandwide include DAVE’S ICE CREAM , ROSELANI ICE CREAM and SAMURAI HAWAIIAN FROST . ALOHA GENERAL STORE 808-637-2288 WAIA¯HOLE POI FACTORY 808-239-2222

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