101 Things To Do on O‘ahu

Essential O‘ahu

  1. Go Polynesian
  2. Catch a Show
  3. Zip O‘ahu
  4. Get Involved With Sea Life
  5. Spend The Day At Kailua Beach
  6. Head to Hanauma Bay
  7. Explore Kualoa
  8. Celebrate The Beatles’ Legacy With Fourever Fab
  9. Catch a Wave
  10. Paddle Like a Voyager
  11. Go to a Lu‘au
  12. Cruise Humpback Whale Territory
  13. Visit the USS Arizona Memorial
  14. Climb Diamond Head
  15. Tour a Famous Battleship
  16. Head North
  17. Surround Yourself with Blooms

Land Diversions

  1. Go on a Photo Safari
  2. Recreate the Scene
  3. Go Waterfall Hunting
  4. Explore a Valley Time Has Not Erased
  5. Find Flora and Fauna
  6. Find the Shrimp Shack
  7. Pamper Yourself, Hawaiian-Style
  8. Shop Paradise
  9. Saddle Up
  10. Peruse Downtown Honolulu
  11. Wander a Premier Art Museum
  12. Spin Wheels for All Occasions
  13. Pick a Golf Course
  14. Visit a Vintage Theatre
  15. Enter Pineapple Country
  16. Make a Jewel of a Find
  17. Get From A To B, Alfresco
  18. Take Home a Christmas Keepsake

Sea Adventures

  1. Go Snorkeling
  2. Try an Ocean Encounter of a Different Kind
  3. Go Underwater Without Getting Wet
  4. Charter a Fishing Boat
  5. Paddle a Kayak
  6. Meet Hawai‘i’s Sea Turtles
  7. Hang Ten In Hale‘Iwa
  8. Stand-Up Paddle
  9. Go Fly a Kiteboard
  10. Dive O‘ahu’s Crystalline Water
  11. Get Acquainted with Dolphins
  12. Soar in a Parasail, Roar in a Jet Ski
  13. Sail a Catamaran
  14. Look a Shark in the Eye
  15. Sail the High Seas on a Pirate Adventure

Waikiki Finds

  1. Walk Waikiki Beach
  2. Ride Around Town
  3. Spend a Day at the Zoo
  4. Visit an Aquarium by a Reef
  5. Get Some Ink
  6. Find the Irish in Waikiki
  7. Go Clubbing
  8. See Night Lights
  9. Have a Mermaid Adventure
  10. Discover a Hidden Tree House
  11. Hop Waikiki After Dark