101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i

A Little Bit of History

  1. Ride the Sugar Train
  2. Snorkel at an Ancient Fishing Village
  3. Explore Waimea Town
  4. Visit Russian Ruins
  5. Step Back in Time in Hanapepe
  6. See Salt in Ponds
  7. Dig Through a Museum
  8. Walk Kapa‘a Town’s History
  9. Hang in Koloa
  10. Make a Spiritual Pilgrimage
  11. Visit an Old Hawaiian Village
  12. See the Rock of Kings
  13. Learn More at Isle Museums
  14. Leave a Footprint in the Sand
  15. Try Hula: The Soul of the Islands

Beyond the City

  1. Hike and Stay Koke‘e
  2. Discover Kaua’i on Horseback
  3. Get Wet and Wild
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure
  5. Pedal the Coconut Coast
  6. Immerse Yourself in Adventure
  7. Capture the Perfect Shot
  8. Travel a Scenic Byway
  9. Take a Private Portrait Tour in Paradise
  10. Book a Sightseeing Trip
  11. Book Passage to the Fern Grotto
  12. Hike Kalalau Trail: Paradise in the Rough
  13. Visit Hawai‘i’s Largest Coffee Plantation
  14. Ride in Style
  15. Zip Kaua‘i
  16. See Opaeka‘a Falls

Up in the Air

  1. Hele to Jurassic Falls
  2. Soar Through Kaua’i’s Tree Canopy
  3. Jump Out of a Plane
  4. Take a Chopper to a Plant Refuge
  5. Get Carried Away in a Helicopter
  6. Fly in a Cozy Aircraft

Fun, Food & After Dark

  1. Shop Island Fresh Farmers’ Markets
  2. Buy Kaua‘i-Made Products
  3. Revisit a Classic Musical
  4. Strum an ‘Ukulele
  5. Make a Jewel of a Find
  6. Drink After Dusk
  7. Dine Out
  8. Slurp Shave Ice
  9. Sail Into an Island Night
  10. Pamper Yourself
  11. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth
  12. Discover Fun for the Keiki
  13. Sneak a Kiss at Romantic Locales
  14. Get Festive on Kaua‘i
  15. Spend an Evening With the Stars
  16. Sample the “Best of Kaua‘i”
  17. Walk With “The Descendants”
  18. Go to the Grove
  19. Muse & Groove