101 Things To Do on the Big Island

It's a Big, Big Island

  1. Cruise Humpback Territory
  2. Get a Front-Row “Hot” Seat
  3. Saddle Up
  4. Let Yourself Go on a Zipline
  5. Pick a Beach
  6. Relive Mission History
  7. Ride an ATV from Mountain to Sea
  8. Get Ditched
  9. Take a Farm Tour
  10. Swim with a Manta Ray
  11. Hike with a Guide
  12. Dive Hawai‘i’s Waters
  13. Bike Volcano Country
  14. Soak in a Natural Hot Tub
  15. Get Loopy on a 4-D Movie Ride
  16. Discover King Kamehameha Country
  17. Get Your Hands Dirty

Kona Coffee Belt

  1. Take a Break in Holualoa
  2. Roast Your Own Private Label
  3. Go Organic
  4. A Town Built Around Coffee


  1. Scout Out an 18th-Century War Temple
  2. Stroll Through a Botanical Garden
  3. Find Eden in Waipi‘o Valley
  4. Discover the Elegant Mac Nut
  5. Travel a Scenic Byway
  6. Explore an Ahupua‘a
  7. Escape to an Ancient Refuge
  8. Take a Road Trip to Hip Hawi
  9. Bikers: Saddle Up, Ride ‘Em Out
  10. Visit a Vintage Palace
  11. Go Wine Tasting in Paradise
  12. Where the Ocean Melds With Science
  13. Ka‘u: South by South
  14. Look Through the Eyes of Mauna Kea
  15. Walk Through Ancient Petroglyph Fields


  1. Shop Big Island-Style
  2. Indulge Your Candy Cravings
  3. Get an Uke of Your Own


  1. Track the Underwater Kingdom
  2. Go Snorkeling
  3. Learn to Snuba
  4. Catch a Wave
  5. Ride the Swells in an Ocean Raft
  6. Latch Onto an Outrigger Canoe
  7. Go Sea Breeze Sailing
  8. Get High on Kitesurfing
  9. Soar in a Parasail
  10. Rent a Power Boat
  11. Land a Winner Off the Kona Coast
  12. Power a Jet Ski
  13. Go Ocean Kayaking
  14. Paddle to the Capt. Cook Monument
  15. Schmooze with the Dolphins
  16. Walk on Water
  17. Snorkel, Dive at Pawai Bay
  18. Wade in a Tide Pool
  19. Help Protect Hawai‘i’s Marine Animals